PJSC Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica

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PJSC Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica

Innovative solutions in the field of power supply and energy saving for complex industrial facilities

Our advantages

  • #1Strategic facilities
  • #2Innovative Solutions
  • #3Methods of orders selection
  • #4Methods of working with talented employees
  • #5Engineering centers
  • #6Investments in projects
Strategic facilities

We work with strategic,
industrially complex, architectural,
infrastructure facilities

Innovative Solutions

We always create new ideas, solutions,
innovations and expand them

Methods of orders selection

We monitor more than 500 innovative
projects at different implementation

Methods of working with talented employees

We have developed and implemented a new method
of screening and bringing up young, talented employees,
as well as a method of preservation and transfer of knowledge and practice

Engineering centers

We have engineering centers
in Russia and abroad
in geographic proximity
to potential facilities

Investments in projects

We work at our own expense, without involving credit
organizations, which is why we are responsible to our
customers, shareholders and employees only

Our News

Our key areas

  • #1Electric power sector
  • #2Oil and Gas
  • #3Steel and mining industry
  • #4Engineering
  • #5Telecommunications and data processing centers
  • #6Chemical and food industry
Electric power sector

Quests competitiveness in many ways and the growth potential of the Russian economy, a significant share of which energy intensive industries

Oil and Gas

Capital investments in the oil and gas sector from all sources of financing make up about one-third of the total volume of investment

Steel and mining industry

Metallurgy is one of the industry sectors in which Russia specializes in the modern international division of labor


The complex of industries that produce means of production, transport, durable consumer goods, as well as defense products

Telecommunications and data processing centers

The Russian market of commercial data processing centers shows a positive trend from year to year

Chemical and food industry

The Russian chemical industry is 11th in the world in terms of production volume

Our approach to work


The power supply industry is strategic for all mankind, and the development of energy saving technologies is of vital importance to the Planet.

Today we invite you to become one of the shareholders of our company, thus not only saving and increasing your own financial resources, but also contributing to the preservation of the resources of the Planet.