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Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica Shares Still Rising on Bear Market

Over the last seven years, the volume of trade in stocks on the Russian stock market has decreased twofold. The number of professional players in some sectors has decreased even fourfold.

Live Broadcast on Business for Businesspeople and More

Ilya Kalenkov, General Director of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica, talked about how to launch industrial production, get profit from Research and Technological Development, and have company growth of tens of percentage points per year in the Business Captains live program last weekend.

Article in RBC-Daily

Ilya Kalenkov, General Director of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica, told the federal publication “RBC-daily” how and for what purpose companies turn their employees into businesspeople.  For more information, please follow this link.

“Expert” Magazine Chooses Only the Best Experts

What if demand for energy resources is growing, but resources are not renewable? What does the energy of the future look like? What do ecologists and energy engineers predict?

On the Procedure for Conducting Government Bids on Electrotechnical Equipment: “There s no point doing it in a modest way.”

Despite the fact that there are many pros and cons, most of the contracts, including those on the electrical equipment market, continue to be delivered to large companies with revenues of more than RUB 2 billion. There are good reasons for that. The bigger an order is, the more difficult it is to perform the work.

RBC About Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica

Read the opinion of a well-known analyst on Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica s prospects on the stock exchange in today's RBC news.

“Kommersant” on IPO of Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica

The daily social and political newspaper “Kommersant” published an interesting analytical report about Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica s entrance to the Moscow Exchange. Read more on the “Kommersant” website or in the August edition of the newspaper.

A View in “General Director” Magazine

How can we know, without total control, whether top managers are fulfilling their duties or not? Why not intervene in the work of new company directors? This issue is examined in excellent fashion by Ilya Kalenkov, General Director of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica, in the June edition of “General Director” magazine.

Ilya Kalenkov Interviewed by Rossiya 24

The USA is panic-stricken again: a new virus is “killing” America's energy system. Ilya Kalenkov, General Director of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica, gave his comments on this situation to Rossiya 24 TV channel.

Towards Civil Defense

Defense holdings are becoming hostage to the government. The state intends to withdraw from the systematic purchase of weapons and military equipment, or more precisely, to reduce the state order. What should the forwards of the defense industry do under such conditions, considering that there is little time left for the decision?