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Press Releases


PJSC Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica's robust performance in 2020 (IFRS): revenue and profit surge by 7.9% and 22.8%, respectively

• The Company shows an active growth despite the effects of COVID pandemic, • raising investment demand in Russia and other countries has created conditions for higher profitability and business growth rates, • important events after the reporting date.

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica recognizes the successful production of ZapSibNeftekhim, which it helped to build up over 6 years

We also continue to supply equipment and materials for the plant's expansion and routine repairs

Made in Russia: Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica among 100 Moscow companies participating in the project

Participation in the project will drive our export capacity worldwide

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica gains wider access to the opportunities of the Moscow innovative ecosystem

Participation in the Moscow Innovation Cluster: innovative ecosystem and business support measures

Message to Partners

Together we strive for the best and fastest solution to emerging challenges

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica launched state testing of the block of fuel oil preparation at the pilot boiler station in Murmansk

Our offer includes a serious reduction of environmental problems caused by fuel oil combustion together with 10…15% fuel savings 


PJSC Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica's operating results for 2019

• Engineering Systems: activating demand in the manufacturing industry, expanding sales geography (including export)

• Process Systems: completion of R&D projects on a range of innovative units, launch of reference projects coming soon


Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica Dubna leases land plot in SEZ Dubna

Investment project of Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica Group of Companies in SEZ reaches a significant stage 


ACRA affirms Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica's credit rating at the BBB-(RU) investment level, outlook stable

Affirmed rating is a sign of improvement in the Company's credit profile

Oil&Gas engineering experts: persons with ROG-Engineering

The most sophisticated equipment is created by professionals in their field. Meet the Yakushin family: Georgy and Olga

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica combats the COVID-19 pandemic: super-fast deliveries for a new infectious diseases hospital

We have also made a practical contribution to the effective fight against coronavirus in Russia

At the end of 2019, PJSC Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica increased its profits by 2.0 %; revenue was down by 0.5 % (IFRS)

The Company continues to improve its business profitability; income becomes more diversified as well

Long-term Demand for Engineering in Russia: Manufacturing Industry Development Strategy

Large-scale modernization of the real sector in Russia will be accompanied by increased investment in fixed assets.

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica Dubna received the certificate of a SEZ Dubna resident

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica continues to implement its investment project in SEZ 


Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica confirms its status of member of Golden Club Prisma, a club for the top partners of Schneider Electric company in Russia

Schneider Electric expressed confidence in the high level of competencies and culture of the production of switchboard equipment in Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica


RUB 1 trillion reached! — Annual supply volume of electrotechnical equipment reaches new levels

Market volume of end (complete) engineering solutions (electrical engineering) is 1.8–2.0 times larger


ACRA affirms Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica's credit rating at the BBB-(RU) investment level, with a stable outlook

Affirmation of the rating at the investment level proves the Company's sustainable creditworthiness