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Why did you decide to make an IPO?

The Company has reached the moment when we need investment funds to significantly expand our business. For many years of our work, our business model has shown very good results according to a number of financial ratios. We would like to take on new investors and to develop even faster with new shareholders, to achieve new aims, and contribute to the development of the Russian economy and preservation of the world's energy resources, as well as to share the results in a form of profit with our shareholders.

If I buy shares in the share issue, will I be able to sell them, or will they have quite low liquidity?

We care about our shareholders and their welfare, and that is why we are negotiating a market maker to maintain the stock quote. This is important in order to avoid an exchange fluctuation and guarantee the possibility to sell shares. Thus, you will be able to sell shares at any time. As for liquidity, we are planning to place more than 20% of our capital in securities, which will form a fairly liquid market for the activity of minority shareholders. Overall, our Company is distinguished by its high liquidity, which is thanks to the fact that we have never used borrowed funds, and by our leadership in our sector of a growing market.

How are you going to use the profit received from placing the funds to the Moscow Exchange?

The profit received from placing the funds on the Moscow Exchange www.moex.com is going to be used in accordance with the 5-year investment program for the development of an engineering centers network in Russia and abroad near to potential customers, which will enable us to easily integrate our technologies and equipment into future projects at the very stage of project documentation preparation. More information is available in the investment memorandum

What benefit can one get from share purchase?

You become a co-owner of the Company and thus get the right to get an income pro rata to your share in the Company. In the 5-year Investment Program, it is stated that the Company intends to transfer more than 20% of its net profit in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards for dividend payments. In addition to dividends, an investor can receive income related to the change of share rates, since, with the implementation of investment programs, the size of the Company's business increases, and revenue, profits, and the value of the Company's shares increases respectively. We see the Company growing by 20-30% annually.

Can you guarantee that your Company is stable and will survive in the crisis period?

Our Company is one of the most reliable in the industry —  we have already been working for more than 10 years and we don't have any credit obligations because we have never attracted borrowed cash funds. We’ve taken a leading position in our industry and serve the biggest governmental and commercial customers due to the creation of innovative and highly efficient solutions in the sphere of electric power supply and power savings. We work only with high marginal orders in the large financial sectors of the economy (the electric power sector, oil and gas complex, defense complex, steel and mining industry, engineering, telecommunications, chemical and food industry), and for this reason our profit and revenue increase annually. You can find more information about the Company's activity on our website and in the investment memorandum.

How would you describe the growth potential of your shares?

Our Company is constantly developing and our capitalization has increased every year. As a result, we see that our profit has increased by more than 20% over recent years.

Where can I see the current share price and schedule?

You can visit the website of the Moscow Exchange at www.moex.com, or our website, or the trading platform provided by your broker when a broker account is opened. There you can buy and sell shares of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica as well as shares of other issuers traded on the Moscow Exchange. If you don't have a trading platform or you don't collaborate with a broker, you should definitely send us an e-mail to info@euroetpao.ru so we can help.

How would you describe the dividend policy in your Company?

Our Company has been developing for more than 10 years already, and we see sustainable growth year by year. We are planning to pay dividends of at least 20% of net profit annually according to IFRS standards.

How much do PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica shares cost?

We see the price range of one share as 9.3–12 rubles. The actual share price will be determined based on the subscription and the volume of the order book provided by the issuer. At the moment, we're organizing a roadshow. We have already seen funds and portfolio investors showing an interest in our share issue.

How can one buy shares of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica?

A person can buy shares of PJSC Evropeiskaya Elektrotechnica from any broker considered convenient in terms of commissions and other parameters. If you face difficulties with buying shares from your broker, contact us by e-mail info@euroetpao.ru and we will assist you.