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Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica provides project operations for facilities of any level of complexity and purpose. Our solutions combine innovative electrical engineering technologies with the perfectly designed base, and calculated functionality. Every project implemented by our specialists is unique. We always consider our customers’ business needs and adapt the parameters of our systems for individual project demands to provide maximum efficiency and functionality. We not only develop, but also implement electrotechnical projects of any level of complexity.

Our experts have extensive experience at work with facilities of any level of complexity in many regions of Russia. We have implemented dozens of projects in different spheres, including engineering of electric power supply systems and lighting systems for industrial facilities, warehouse complexes, office and administrative buildings, architecture and mood lighting of buildings and architecture objects, landscape lighting, and lighting for sculptures and parks.

We guarantee implementation and support of our projects at the highest professional level. Our specialists constantly improve their qualification by attending seminars and training sessions in our partners' educational centers. We know the innovative solutions of the best European producers and apply methods of prospective engineering and architecture technologies.

We  successfully implement the following engineering projects:

  • lighting and electric power supply systems;
  • energy efficient engineering;
  • energy saving;
  • functional and mood lighting systems;
  • lighting control systems;
  • emergency lighting and central emergency lighting systems;
  • automatization and dispatching of buildings;
  • cable support systems for complex industrial facilities;
  • structured cabling;
  • systems of guaranteed electric power supply;
  • lightning and surge voltage protection;
  • access control systems and video surveillance systems;
  • fire alarm systems.

We perform our work taking into account the particularities of various facilities, including:

  • Public buildings, such as business centers, hotels, shopping centers, stores, theaters, and galleries;
  • Industrial facilities: industrial premises, workshops, warehouses and warehouse complexes, animal breeding complexes, etc.;
  • Transport and industrial infrastructure facilities;

Project implementation

At the first stage of engineering, we create a concept which is connected to the neighboring sections of project documentation. The statements of work and lighting projects (lighting calculation) provided by our customers are the basic documents underlying the electric power supply section.

Electric project design allows calculating the cost and number of power equipment units considering the required capacities and all objects of electric consumption (lamps, mood lighting, projectors, conditioners, etc.).

The design defines a whole range of the key system parameters which ensure its functionality, including:

  • selection of power supply systems: cables or busbars,
  • questions related to cabling,
  • questions related to optimization of cable routes,
  • selection and optimization of cable support systems,
  • selection of electrotechnical materials: circuit breakers, lighting switchboards, etc.,
  • lighting control: sensors, timers, etc.,
  • selection of backup power supply and emergency lighting systems, standby lighting and evacuation lighting.

One of our company’s advantages is that we are ready to start engineering at the earliest stages of the project, for example to create a statement of work, to offer an architectural concept, and draft lighting. Our specialists communicate effectively with the customer's teams of architects and all project members to ensure successful achievement of the customer's business goals.

Our work is carried out on the basis of current regulatory documents in accordance with modern Russian and international standards.

Cost estimates carried out by our specialists are ready for further approval by all authorities and receiving permissive documents. We provide our customers with all working documents to start construction and electrical installation works.


Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica implements projects based on the equipment provided by leading European manufacturers, and applying special equipment from highly specialized companies. We also produce components for electrical systems.

We produce electric switchboard equipment, so we can provide our customers with individual energy-saving plans, which ensure maximum economic efficiency.

Audit of lighting systems and electric plants

One of the fields of our activity is saving electric power. We carry out audits of lighting systems and electric plants and suggest efficient ways to save energy according to the parameters of a particular system. Thanks to our company’s rich experience in the field of energy conservation, we have elaborated a set of energy saving measures that can be applied in electrical engineering.

Energy saving technologies and energy efficient solutions

Technologies that preserve energy and resources are an economically sustainable investment that allows saving on energy sources for the whole period of equipment operation. These solutions are especially important for industrial and construction spheres, the electric power sector, housing and utility services, etc.

As for implementation of energy efficiency measures, there are two ways:

  1. If an energy efficiency project is an integral part of the documents for projection and estimation, then energy-saving activities are included in the relevant chapters.
  2. Our specialists can work out an independent energy-saving project in terms of separate engineering work. In this case, the Company is ready to provide the complex implementation of modern engineering energy efficiency improvement systems.

Implementing projects on energy conservation and energy saving technologies, we focus on the final result agreed upon with the customer. We provide a precise calculation of energy efficiency, which shows the real date of electrical equipment payback stated in the project terms. Also, we are ready to offer flexible options for preferential financial schemes, based on the real payback period of the purchased energy efficient equipment. Such offers are most beneficial to large industrial enterprises and energy companies, utilities and large infrastructural facilities.