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Service maintenance

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica provides its customers with European-level services. Qualified and highly experienced specialists work in all structural areas of our business. We highly appreciate our clients and always use a flexible and personal approach to meet their needs.

Before a project begins, our specialists carry out a detailed analysis of its characteristics, Statement of Work parameters, characteristics of equipment operation, and overall facility functioning. Thanks to this qualified multiparameter analysis, we are able to optimize all our offers in order to provide solutions to our client's demands in as efficient and flexible a way as possible. Our priorities are to apply professional innovative design and engineering ideas, as well as more progressive methods of improvement of reliability, profitability and electric system safety.

We start working on a project with a discussion of the client's business objectives that we need to accomplish. An important factor of successful cooperation is to have an open and friendly relationship with each customer. Having the correct goal and a well-explained strategy for achieving it always lead to the expected result. This involves all cooperation aspects, such as price confirmation, participation in bidding, the search for energy efficient and best solutions, agreement conclusion, warranty and post-warranty maintenance. Our specialists are always ready to consult with the customer, to provide them with information, to conduct equipment tests, to organize training sessions or visits to plants of European equipment manufacturers or to similar facilities in Europe and Russia.

During project implementation, it very important to agree upon how to achieve the strategy of the required parameters given in the Statement of Work. Every engineering project is based on the combination of our experience and knowledge, and is implemented according to the current regulatory requirements. Today, rapid changes in the world and modern technologies make us always be one jump ahead of the others. Only in this case can we be sure that the realization of project solutions will ensure the exact achievement of the stated goals on a modern technological level. Rational solutions and innovative materials guarantee cost optimization and increased productivity.

We have established a chain of warehouses throughout Russia in order to ensure the reliability and speed of equipment supply. These warehouses are located close to big cities and enable us to easily deliver all required components to any region in Russia. European equipment is supplied from two consolidated warehouses located in Western Europe.

As for the financial aspect, we use different financial instruments for more profitable and convenient cooperation with our customers. There are various ways of payment delay, advance equipment supply, and the possibility of energy efficient equipment lease. For example, the payment for innovative lighting fittings can be tied to specific amounts of electric power savings during operation.

We always move forward together with our clients. We are sure that the modern joint business in construction and electric power sectors must be like that. This is the power and success of our service: it is transparent and understandable to the customer.