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Telecommunications and Communications, Data Centers

Telecommunications remain one of the most dynamically developing sectors in Russia both in terms of growth of revenue, investments and the physical volume of services, as well as in terms of the pace of change in the industry. The telecommunication services sector is one of the most important and promising directions of the Russian economy, the development of which is necessary for the strategic development of all other industries. Due to high competitiveness between providers, and primarily to the companies of Big Three, one of the most developed mobile communication markets has been started from scratch in Russia. This market compares favorably with markets of many other developed countries in terms of services provided. Western experts predict that not only will the Russian communications market continue to have stable growth, but also that there will be a major breakthrough in this sector within 5 years.

Our Company has been effectively cooperating with the Big Three of the Russian mobile network operators over many years. These three operators determine the trends in the domestic communications market: PJSC MegaFon (since 2004), PJSC Mobile TeleSystems (since 2005) and PJSC Vimpelcom (since 2011).

Commercial data processing centers (data centers) are one of the promising directions for development of the information services market. The digital part of the business is developing exponentially, which makes services of Russian data centers very popular. The law on Personal Data, binding foreign companies to keep data of their Russian customers within the territory of our country, contributed to growth in demand on the part of large and medium-sized businesses for services provided by data centers. Many Western companies were forced to place equipment in Russia before the legislative initiative took effect.

Russian market players are confident that demand for data center services will continue to grow faster than supply in the future. There is still high demand for storage and analytics systems thanks to the increase in organic data, and undersaturation of the Russian market for data centers. To date, the sector of commercial data centers shows annual growth around 15–20%. Experts estimated that the market volume would exceed RUB 20 billion already in 2018, and that growth rates would be around 15% per year.

Our Company has vast experience in successful collaboration with data centers; our solutions are responsible for data safety in data centers of PJSC Sberbank of Russia, the Federal Migration Service of Russia, and Yandex search engine. We keep up to date with industry developments and offer the most current services for increasing our customers’ business efficiency.