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The Russian engineering industry produces equipment for the key sectors of the country's economy, especially for the manufacturing branches. Thus, the engineering sector underlies the expansion of the country's productive capacity. The share of the engineering sector in the total production in Russia comprises more than 20%, which is a good indicator at the world level.

The Russian engineering industry includes 19 sectors complexes, and more than 100 subsectors and independent entities. More than 40,000 enterprises of different legal forms and sizes (two thousand of which are large-scale) function in the sphere, which comprises one third of the total number of industrial enterprises.

Nowadays, there is a tendency for consolidation of assets and creation of new large integrated structures in Russia. This is an additional impetus for the development of the Russian machine-building complex.

Furthermore, the volume of state support for high-tech economy sectors, such as the aircraft industry, shipbuilding, transport engineering, power engineering industry, etc., is increasing, and the same goes for productive infrastructure. Nowadays, the government of Russia takes effective measures to create attractive conditions for the development of the science and technological base in the sector. It creates the conditions for further development of domestic enterprises, especially for ones that sell their products to the domestic market. The restriction of competition with foreign companies, which occurred due to the political situation in the world, creates conditions for redistributing of roles in the market and for the strengthening of domestic enterprises. The development of the industry will foster the creation of new production sites, drive the modernization of engineering plants and implementation of innovative technologies and equipment.

Our Company has large experience of working with engineering enterprises. Among our clients are: CJSC Klimov, a helicopter engine factory; Kazanskiy Helicopter Factory; JSC PO Sevmash (incorporated into the JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation), Mefro Wheels Russia Plant Zainsk, Schaeffler Manufacturing Rus LLC, and JSC VOMZ.