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Energy conservation and energy audit

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica provides the full range of energy saving activities to increase economic efficiency for each business we work with. This is relevant for engineering as well as for new construction or upgrading existing electric systems.

The set of measures for energy conservation developed by Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica can be applied in different sectors, including:

  • manufacturing industry
  • warehouse complexes
  • shopping centers
  • business centers, etc.

Project solutions for lighting systems

Engineering is the most important stage for creating, renovating or upgrading lighting. We perform such services in accordance with the relevant regulatory documentation, including the rules specified in SP52.13330.2011 and international standards on the creation of comfortable and safe lighting of different types of lighting systems. Engineering solutions are developed taking into account our customers' initial data presented in the form of a statement of work with all relevant drawings, schemes and provisions. Based upon these documents, we find a better way for increasing the energy efficiency of the lighting system.

Our experts operate with a whole range of engineering methods and ideas with proven impact. This allows us to reduce lighting costs by 2.5–6 times while creating conditions for high labor productivity.

These are some of our common methods:

  • Efficient use of daylight with an increasing amount of light entering the room;
  • Regulation of daylight, elimination of its redundancy and increase of its use in the dark;
  • Use of individual or group presence detectors and light sensors, thereby saving resources;
  • Flexible arrangement of lighting based on the individual operation algorithm;
  • Use of DAYLIGHT SYSTEM lighting systems;
  • Use of LED illumination and lighting systems;
  • Use of induction illumination and lighting systems;
  • Use of flexible hybrid control systems for combined lighting in different room areas.

We offer the best equipment and technical solutions for each project. To create an optimal estimated cost for projects, we base our calculations for lighting projects on products of different manufacturers. Our partner relationships with equipment manufacturers and the possibility to deliver project specifications directly ensure the most favorable working conditions to customers.

Comparative calculations of the equipment payback period

It is quite understandable that every reasonable person wants to spend less and achieve the best result. Long-term investment in energy efficient equipment guarantees maximum cost savings. Modern lighting technologies cover costs for LED and induction illumination within 1.5–4 years depending on their initial cost and parameters.

Lighting upgrade and energy audit

As a rule, lighting upgrades start with an audit of the current situation. At this point, the precise assessment of all operational aspects of a facility, shop, warehouse or office is carried out. Many factors are analyzed, for example, the nature and type of activities, the number of employees, equipment and furniture placement, particularities of the technical processes, nature of visual work and visual objectives, the operation mode of employees and equipment, the prospects for extension and growth, and other factors.

Having performed these evaluations, our experts present the following documentation:

  • protocols of lighting parameters calculation;
  • recommendations for optimization of lighting equipment quality indicators;
  • alternatives for lighting equipment;
  • proposals on regulation or automatic control of lighting parameters depending on different operational aspects of engineering facilities;
  • recommendations for the whole power supply system of facilities;
  • recommendations for the emergency lighting system, safety lighting and standby lighting.

The appropriateness of any solution is estimated upon parameters of the estimated cost for equipment, cost-saving parameters, terms of exploitation without maintenance and payback parameters by years. By making proper and professional engineering, the payback period of new engineering and lighting equipment is considerably reduced, and is less than the equipment’s operational period. Let us give an example. Installation of induction illumination pays for itself after 13,000 hours of work, while the average service life of the equipment is more than 100,000 hours. These figures speak for themselves, and it is a convincing argument in favor of energy efficiency.

Innovation in electric power supply

Lighting technologies are constantly developing. What we recently considered as normal, today is energy-consuming and non-effective. For example, we offer a wide range of lights from different manufacturers for industrial shops like HighBay. Different types of discharge lamps, including metal halide and sodium lamps, fluorescent and retrofit lamps, are still in demand. But still, new technologies are changing the market step by step. This is happening on a global scale, that is why we can't just stand back. Gradually, Russia's priorities for types of lighting used are changing.

Within the sales structure of our Company, 50% of sales accounts for innovative LED illumination. The increasing demand for this type of equipment and the prospects for its future increased use are obvious. We design facilities in such a way that after implementation, they stay modern as long as possible, providing our customers with competitive solutions for LED or induction illumination. These technologies are innovative and promising for current facilities, and profitable compared to any other types of lighting.

Our experts are real professionals in using LED illumination of different manufacturers. They are aware of the “pitfalls” of the fast developing market. To date, the electrotechnical industry is flooded with poor products of dishonest manufacturers and promises that have nothing in common with the real picture. We are ready to offer the best solution strictly corresponding to its stated operating life, quality characteristics and estimated lighting indicators. We understand that by investing funds, our customers expect to receive result. For this reason, we provide design solutions in good faith and take all responsibility for their results, guaranteeing their technical parameters and economic performance.