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Dear journalists,

Information transparency is one of our company’s key principles. We work in a sector which is always the focus of attention, and every day brings dozens of newsworthy events to it. Thanks to our large work experience in the electric power sector, we have the necessary competencies to make expert analysis of the key market events, to comment on the latest deals and job appointments, and to analyze the latest tendencies and give a prediction about how the situation will develop.

We are always ready to provide completely full, reliable and relevant information for any material, be it an analytical review or news story. We appreciate your interest in our company and respect the rules of your job: we meet deadlines and provide only verified information.

We are ready to answer any of your questions at any time and in any suitable form: via telephone, email or in person. You are always our priority!

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We highly appreciate your objectiveness, your responsible attitude to the facts, and your desire to find the true essence in everything. We are sure that having a permanent presence in the information realm is important for successful development in our industry as a whole. We would be glad to have mutually beneficial cooperation with you, and we are eager to hear from you!

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Sergey Petrov
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Ilya Anatolyevich
General Director, Member of the Board of Directors
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Sergey Nikolaevich
Director for Development, Chairman of the Board of Directors
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